Data sources

The primary data source for the Community Benefit Insight tool is IRS Form 990. Additional data sources are used to confirm nonprofit hospital status and provide contextual information about each hospital or health system. This supplemental information also allows for hospital comparisons. Data sources include:

Data acquisition and matching

The steps for acquiring and matching relevant hospital data are as follows:

Data release schedule

NOTE: The CBI dataset has traditionally been updated in the fall and spring of each year with records from previous tax years. However, due to recent IRS delays in releasing Form 990 data, the timing and content of these data updates have become less predictable. Therefore, it is unclear when we will be able to add new data to CBI. The most recent data update occurred in November 2023, with the addition of 2020 and 2021 records. For news on data releases, please check back on the site, or contact the CBI team at

Data Availability

Tax Year # Tax Reporting Entities
2010 2,327
2011 2,306
2012 2,304
2013 2,285
2014 2,229
2015 2,206
2016 2,164
2017 2,174
2018 2,127
2019 2,071
2020 2,110
2021 2,083