Data sources

The primary data source for the Community Benefit Insight tool is IRS Form 990. Additional data sources are used to confirm nonprofit hospital status and provide contextual information about each hospital or health system. This supplemental information also allows for hospital comparisons. Data sources include:

Data acquisition and matching

The steps for acquiring and matching relevant hospital data are as follows:

Data release schedule

The time from the end of a non-profit hospital's tax period to when their return is made publicly available by the IRS is currently about 16 months.

As 2015 tax years can end in calendar year 2016, this results in some returns not being available until late 2017 and into early 2018. Once the majority of electronically submitted tax year 2015 data are available, they will be processed and made available on CBI, approximately spring 2018.

Tax year 2016 data availability will be actively monitored and once determined to be approximately 50% complete, these data will be processed and added to CBI, too (estimated fall 2018). The remainder of the tax year 2016 data will be processed and added to CBI when most of the electronic returns are available, approximately spring 2019.

Processing of tax year 2017 returns will follow a similar methodology as described for 2016 data.